Stephan Holderegger

Vice President & Creator Rhein Valley Hospital

Stephan Holderegger is the man who brought to life the Rhein Valley Hospital. In October 1999 the Rhein Valley native was given a new life via a lung transplant. That personal experience prompted him to turn into reality an idea that no one thought possible.

His idea was to build a hospital for the poor in Kenya - in Kasambara-Gilgil near Nakuru. Since then the search for collaborators and volunteers hasn't stopped. Everyone has contributed greatly to turn the idea into reality. Stephan Holderegger continues to tirelessly develop new ideas for his cause, the hospital, and the people that would otherwise be without medical attention.

Holderegger works as Vice President at the Rhein Valley Hospital, the headquarter of which is located in Altstaetten. He regularly and creatively uses his skill to convince individuals of the importance of this project - both in interviews with the media as
well as in everyday life.

The Core Task

Stephan Holderegger has a presence and power of conviction that one cannot avoid. Especially if it is in regard to goals already achieved. Because besides basic medical treatment the group also provides the population with clean drinking water. Stephan Holderegger has created a network that spans nearly the entire globe. And at every location and in every encounter he makes the Rhein Valley Hospital the main focus - the core task.


Hochhinaus "High Up"

The slogan Hochhinaus "high up" is not just his personal agenda. In 2012 Stephan is not only making his third attempt to reach the peak of Kilimanjaro as part of Expedition "High Up," but he's also continuing to elevate the Rhein Valley Hospital. The climbing of Kilimanjaro is also a sponsorship event in which every meter counts. For this expedition Stephan Holderegger has assembled a team in which every member combines the physical challenge with the good cause.


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