Florian Lüchinger is in Kenya for 14 days with his children’s project(www.Maisha.ch). He phoned us to ask if he could come by for a check with his 20 Maisha children (orphans). Of course, that was a matter of course for me.

Florian, who has a Kenyan wife (Beatrice), organized a bus and drove the approximately 190 km from Nairobi to us at Rhein-Valley Hospital. Our doctor and nurses had already prepared everything. Caroline from the lab was also equipped. At 11 o’clock they reached the hospital. Some of the children had never driven a car in their lives. So much new, the excitement and the long ride made itself felt in the stomach and they had to throw up. After a short welcome, we went to the laboratory to draw blood for the various tests such as AIDS, typhoid, malaria, etc. After that, each one was examined by the Wanjala the doctor. Since Christmas is coming soon, Rhein-Valley Hospital covered the cost of the vaccinations and worming. Everyone who had finished being treated was then allowed to go to the kitchen to get lunch with a soda, our kitchen staff cooked especially for the little guests. – Mama Matata