Stephan Holderegger was a guest on Tele Ostschweiz last night. He spoke about the hospital in Kenya, which was opened in 2004 and is supported by the Rhein Valley Hospital Association and for which Holderegger is still very committed. The documentary film “The Promise – the long breath of Stephan Holderegger” will premiere soon.

On September 20, a benefit gala in favor of the hospital will take place in the multipurpose hall in Marbach. After initially struggling to get enough cash donations, they are now in a better position, Holderegger said in yesterday’s TVO broadcast. However, the association still has to fight . Occasions like the upcoming fundraiser are therefore helpful, he said.

Asked about his future involvement (“You’re not getting any younger,” the moderator said), Stephan Holderegger said he hoped to be able to help out for a long time to come. It has now been 15 years since he received an e lung, and he still feels great. His personal recipe: an “uncanny sense of humor” and mental strength.

In addition, the Rhein Valley Hospital Association is headed by Erich Kühnis, a president who like Holderegger has staying power and who also has the future of the hospital in Kenya at heart. (Gert Bruderer, August 27, 2014,