The Maji Moto school and the neighboring Rhine Valley Hospital Healthcenter are remote from any infrastructure. Without a vehicle, relief supplies would not reach the people. Now the club has bought a solid vehicle.

A route that in this country is classified as third class, is considered by the school Maji Moto, as a luxury road not seen. This is the only place where a dusty dirt road riddled with potholes leads.


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Kerstin Amudala und ihre Tochter sind froh, nun wieder mit einem intakten Fahrzeug zur Schule Maji Moto fahren zu können.

A few weeks ago, the existing vehicle gave up the ghost. A new one had to be found quickly. How else would the food from which a meal is prepared for the school children twice a day be transported to the school.

However, it was not easy to find a suitable and affordable car on the second-hand market. It was just summer and high season. But in the meantime, we have managed to buy a solid vehicle. From now on, a Subaru Forester Station Wagon will serve the two associations and thus the local people.

The silver car was built in 2015 and was well prepared for its task with an all-round service.

The fact that the region is poorly developed is also the trigger for the aid project of the Rhine Valley Hospital Association and its partner association Shilling for Shilling. The poorest of the poor live here. The people here are in particular need of support.

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