He lives in Nakuru and earns his living as a Clinical Officer at Rhine Valley Hospital. Alex Muga Nyabuto is a doctor and a great support to our hospital director Ruth Schäfer, because he takes care of the patients with a lot of dedication and medical expertise.

The photo shows how  he examines a man suffering from several diseases at once. He has been in the ward of our hospital for more than a week. An AIDS test has shown that the patient carries the HI virus. The kidneys and liver are already affected and the man also suffers from anemia. He has far too few of the red blood cells. A blood test gave certainty, the hemoglobin level is worryingly low.

We are able to perform many examinations in the hospital itself. For the tests that are too elaborate and exceed our technical capabilities, we can rely on the cooperation with a laboratory in Nakura. While Alex Muga Nyabuto’s team continued to care for the patient, the laboratory delivered the test result to us. The task now is to continue to accompany the patient and to alleviate his suffering, if possible even to cure him.