Baby Day is always held at RVH on Thursdays. Of course, we gladly used this opportunity to drive up to Kasambara to the hospital with Ruth.

The nurse in charge, Felix, first gave us two interns a short introduction about the procedure of this regular offer for the young mothers from the region. Many women with their babies had already arrived, took a seat in the anteroom and waited patiently. To begin, Felix gave all the mothers together general information about infant care, vaccinations and the benefits of breastfeeding. Each mother brings a personal baby booklet for her child, in which current vaccinations, weight, illnesses and other special features are recorded. These records are also kept in the books at the hospital and the required vaccination portions are meticulously noted. At the end of the vaccination day, a comparison is made with the medication stock and it is checked whether consumption and remaining stock correspond. Mothers can also find out from their baby booklet on which baby day they should come back for the next vaccination.

The mothers were called to the baby room one by one after the general info and the babies were now weighed, vaccinated and examined if there were any abnormalities. Individual questions could now still be clarified and Felix won the trust of the partly insecure mothers with his cordial manner. We both got to help with the weighing and bookkeeping and were taken with the adorable babies with their big dark eyes and glow!

For the families of this remote mountain region, this free offer of baby care, counseling and vaccinations is a very valuable service and contributes significantly to improving the healthy development of these children.

Nakuru, September 2012, Gabi Senn and Claudia Callegher

Gabi Senn and Claudia Callegher as Volontaires at the RVH: Claudia Callegher is completing a two-week internship at the RVH in connection with her educational leave in her teaching profession. Her sister Gabi Senn accompanies her, having already visited the RVH in 2007 and 2008.