I visited the Rhein Valley Hospital in Kasambara at the beginning of November 09. Okay, I admit it: I’m always a little skeptical about “aid projects”. No franc will ever flow out of my codpiece until I have seen a project with my own eyes. I have already heard and seen far too much. I was therefore happy to accept Ruth Schäfer’s invitation. I was just in the Rift Valley anyway. At first it was not even sure if we would reach the hospital by car. It had finally started to rain. But Ruth took a chance, and rode with me up the long roads to Rhein Valley Hospital.

The hospital in Kasambara convinced me. People work here, and they do so with full commitment and heart and soul. The head physician proudly showed me around the building. “I am so happy that the Swiss make this hospital possible for us with their donations. I’m so happy that it allows us to treat very poor people properly. It’s a mercy.” He is happy that he now has an AIDS ward as well. “We also go to the villages and educate people about AIDS. That’s important, too.” The chief physician still has many wishes, of course. “We would still need equipment for the e aids station,” he explains, for example. I am happy to see only local staff. They seem to feel connected to their workplace. Everything is spotlessly clean, even the surroundings invitingly well kept. Ruth Schäfer is a small, strong woman who manages to monitor and accompany everything. Often she needs more than her charm to do this. I admire them for their work. It also succeeds in making people work, in making them become independent. This is also very important. I thank everyone who supports this hospital project. It convinced me.
-Blanca Imboden, Piper book author