It has been raining cats and dogs for several days but the mothers still showed up in large numbers for the weekly appointment day for the babies.

 While Kennedy weighs the one – before the babies leave the room – swallow vaccinations. Like clockwork, the medical team worked hand in hand so that the mothers could go home as soon as possible before the big rain came. Since a few days we had significant downpours at the hospital in Kasambara and the road became almost a torture for the young mothers. Melanie even told me that today she had almost twice as long as usual. The path was so slippery that it was difficult to get down the hill. Nyagah, our secretary, also said that yesterday when we went home we went one step ahead and two steps back. For so long they called for rain, and now that it is here, many places have been flooded, the ground in a short time gave way to an ice rink. Even we had trouble getting up to the hospital in our car. Again and again my Landrover slid from one side to the other. For someone who likes roller coasters, this would be a joyful experience, but for us unfortunately also a big risk and I myself am always happy when we get down the mountain safely… -Mama Matata