The Rhein-Valley Hospital Association, based in Altstätten, not only designed the website, but organized it. The user can find all the information in two languages “Do good and talk about it. This phrase is often used to express appreciation for volunteer work. If aid projects are to be successful, advertising and public appearances are not only necessary, but essential for survival. Because only the organization that can draw attention to itself will be noticed and can count on donors and sponsors.

In return, interested parties receive information and sponsors an advertising platform on a homepage. The Rhine Valley Association, based in Altstätten, has been running one for years. In order to be able to present content and events to users in even greater detail, the Executive Board implemented an en Internet presence that is characterized by simple structure and navigation.

Comprehensively informed

The honorary board of directors guarantees that all donations flow completely into the hospital, which is managed with competence and perseverance by Ruth Schäfer, alias Mama Matata, from the Rhine Valley. Therefore, it is more than a gain that Mario Graf from Rebstein has dedicated two months of working time to realize a new launch in the form of a portal page free of charge. For two months, the web designer was busy with the concept, the sifting of the data and the preparation and collection of the content. The result is now online and reflects Rhein-Valley Hospital in a detailed, exciting and user-friendly way.

Visitors to the portal, who are only vaguely familiar with the project, can get a detailed picture of the hospital, the people involved, and the approximately 80,000 people who live in the hospital’s catchment area and receive medical care as well as clean drinking water.

Website properties

The e Internet presence impresses with its profile, in which the sponsors are also optimally represented. Hospital director Ruth Schäfer and initiator Stephan Holderegger are presented on the home page, as are the project and its ambassadors. An almost complete photo blog and press review provide information, as do field reports and video documentations and a convenient search function.