Christmas is coming soon. A celebration where everyone in the world wants to forget everyday worries for a few days. This applies equally to Christians and non-believers. We wish that at Christmas, suffering everywhere on our planet would take a break. All weapons should be silent, all people should have enough to eat and a good shelter. We give each other gifts, wish each other good health and a happy future.

This year, many things are different. The coronavirus forces us into narrow limits. At the feast of love and joy, more people feel sadness and loneliness than in other years. Many of them have lost a loved one or friend who died from Covid-19.

One of those left behind is Fred Ochola. He lives with his family near Rhine Valley Hospital in Kasambara-Gilgil. He had a job and was making ends meet. Then his wife became infected with the coronavirus. She became ill and died. Left behind are Fred Ochola and his four children. They now have to grow up without their mother. And her father, in addition to losing his wife and the mother of his children, must cope with having lost his job.

Another consequence of the pandemic.

He can’t make ends meet very well anymore. There is a shortage at all corners and ends.

Rhine Valley Hospital is caring for Fred Ochola and his four children. It gives food to the family.

This support is an example of how we humans stand by each other in hard times. We want to be active where help is needed most urgently.

We are only able to do this because we can count on many donors and patrons. The Board of Directors and the team of Rhein-Valley Hospital say thank you for the ideal and financial support in all matters.

We wish that you can celebrate a merry Christmas and have a good transition into 2021.

Just as Fred Ochola does not give up and is there for his children, may you also be able to count on people who are well-disposed toward you. Even if you can’t meet this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Board of Directors of Rhein-Valley Hospital