During the first week of Advent, the board met with helpers to package the donation letter and send it in the mail. Those who are not registered as donors or patrons in our database can read the letter here. Those who make a deposit, their address is automatically included.

Dear Donor, Dear Benefactor

Health care in Kenya has undergone striking changes in recent years. The responsible ministry is strongly committed to ensuring that as many people as possible receive good medical care. The government is consolidating the network of medical facilities and improving their equipment. Just recently, the Healthcare Professionals Oversight Authority (KHPOA) released an inspection report that reviewed and categorized healthcare facilities. The criteria were the services offered, the health infrastructure and compliance with minimum legal standards for health personnel. About 800 facilities did not stand up to the test. The Ministry of Health ordered their closure. Rhine Valley Hospital withstood the assessment.

This development prompted the Board to take a close look at where adjustments are needed in our hospital and how they can be implemented. In June, we reported here on the trip of a board delegation in spring. The goal was to evaluate what medical needs the population has and what measures we need to take so that we can continue to run our hospital successfully.

In October, a delegation traveled to Kenya. She brought medical equipment and plenty of time to share. I would be happy to inform you about the strategic steps the Board of Management has decided to take or has already taken. Vice President Benjamin Pipa shares how he instructed staff on medical equipment.

The Board in Switzerland, with Ruth Schäfer on the ground, continues to work tirelessly for the poorest people in cooperation with all employees. The people in Kasambara-Gilgil are still dependent on clean drinking water and basic medical care. We want to continue to provide both.

Thanks to your commendable commitment, the Hospital of Hope has a future. But our challenges remain great in every respect.

Thank you for your unwavering support. Your hospital of hope!

Erich Kühnis President RVH