Pulsating rhythms and skillful mallet acrobatics: Nine young drummers from Kreuzlingen wrap the Swiss art of drumming in a cloak of improvisation and rustic street sound – on September 20 on stage in Marbach with “Wild West”.

Altstätten/Marbach. Modeled after the street drummers of Chicago and New York City, Drums2Streets drums mainly on plastic buckets, rain barrels, and the trash found on the streets, which is turned into explosive instruments. What emerges from this makes you sit up and take notice: a varied mixture of pulsating rhythms and skillful mallet acrobatics. Drums2Streets enchanted a large audience for the first time at the show “Die grössten Schweizer Talente”, where they won second place in 2012.

Passionate drum art

The n young men and women, aged between 19 and 26, share a common passion – drumming. They all know each other from the Tambourenverein Kreuzlingen, where they discovered drumming for themselves as children. The idea for Drums2Streets came from bandleader Angelo Razzino. The 26-year-old was inspired by the street drummers there during a trip to the USA a few years ago. At home, he presented his idea to fellow drummers and formed his own drumming group – Drums2Streets was born.

From NYC to Kreuzlingen

Like their role models in New York City, the innovative Kreuzlingeners also play on waste. Whether old pans, rain barrels or cape drums – they build all instruments themselves and always develop e ideas. Together they also came up with the idea for the en, full-length program “Roads of America”, which consists of the three shows “New York”, “Wild West” and “Las Vegas”.

Film premiere and charity event

The benefit event on Saturday, September 20, in the multi-purpose hall Amtacker in Marbach, consists of two parts. They can be attended both or individually: Film premiere and benefit concert. To kick things off, at 6 p.m. (aperitif, 5 p.m.), Swissfilm GmbH will present the premiere of the documentary film “The Promise – Stephan Holderegger’s Long Breath”. Producer and board member Benjamin Pipa and director Lawrence Carls interviewed Stephan Holderegger’s companions and accompanied the main character to key places in his life. In fifty minutes, the film team paints a multi-layered picture of the hospital initiator. At 8 p.m. (admission 7:30 p.m.) the charity event begins. Victor Rohner will lead through the evening.

Tickets are available at Kühnis Brillen, at the box office or via www.rhein-valley-hospital.org available. (vdl/pd)