It’s a pleasure to see all parties involved in the project pulling together. These days we received pictures from Kerstin Amudala. They show that the infirmary is now recognizable as such for all people.

«Jambo, our clinic has now received all the lettering after all licenses were cleared and operations officially started,» writes Kerstin Amudala on the attached images.

Now all children who attend Maji Moto School can read that they will be helped with medical problems at the Rhine Valley Hospital Healthcenter.

Das Rhein-Valley Hospital-Healthcenter ist beschriftet und weithin als solches erkennbar.

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The board in Switzerland takes this as an opportunity to continue working tirelessly on the project after the summer vacations. President Erich Kühnis says: «Now we are excited to see how everything takes off. I think it’s coming along very well, because the need and benefit for the population is great.»

Eddie Kroll, president of the Shilling for Shilling Association, also writes from Linz: «I can only say one thing about this: together we are strong, and let’s keep it that way!»