In the months of October, November and December, Rhine Valley Hospital has to treat a particularly large number of patients with asthma, according to experience. In order for the team to meet the need, it adjusts to these cases. So did Joseph Muriithi Muriuki. He reports a specific case.

On October 12, 2017, the guard (Askari) informed the doctor Joseph Muriithi Muriuki, that an emergency had occurred. Florence Nyambur, 29, had come to the hospital from Thugonoi in the mountains. She complained of bad chest pains, had great difficulty breathing, suffered from a tightness in her chest and severe headaches.

Joseph Muriithi Muriuki carefully examined the young woman and diagnosed an asthma attack. Because the right drug was in stock at the hospital pharmacy, he gave her a shot. The drug worked quickly, so the woman recovered quickly.

The acute seizure had passed. Nevertheless, there was a risk of relapse. Therefore, he admitted her to the ward as a precaution and for observation. Thanks to good care and attention, the young woman recovered completely

Statistics kept at Rhine Valley Hospital indicate that each year asthma cases increase dramatically in October, November and December.