My name is Andrew Kwoba Makokha. I am 62 years old and father of eight children. Five years ago, I got the chance to work as a gardener at Rhine Valley Hospital. The work gives me a lot of pleasure and I can learn a lot.

As a gardener, I have my hands full. This is because the hospital’s management requires all employees to work neatly and cleanly at all times.

However, the dusty winds make our work much more difficult. Once we sweep up the leaves that have fallen from the trees, they often swirl ert. We also often have to contend with the fine dust that the wind carries to us from the Sahara. From time to time you can hardly see anything and we barely get the sand deposits under control.

Nevertheless, the work here at the hospital gives me great pleasure. I have been able to learn a lot even at my age. The director teaches us a lot. I hope to work with the team for many years to come. With the money earned I can feed my family at home

At this point, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the management.