Fatama Bakari Ushanga is 35 years old and has two children. She finds it difficult to manage her everyday life. The reason is not only that she has no husband to take care of the family. She is blind. So she can’t even look at her children. But there is hope.

What she went blind from, we do not know. All we know is that at first she was not given any hope of regaining her sight. Her eye disease is not treatable, she has been told.

But it turned out that they can be operated at the Lions Eye Clinic in Mombasa. All of a sudden, Fatama Bakari Ushanga has new hope. But where should she get the equivalent of 1000 francs that an operation costs?

Thanks to the network that the Rhine Valley Hospital Association has woven with its partner association Shilling for Shilling, the financing is quickly arranged. The Rhine Valley Hospital Healthcenter budget pays for the surgery and it is successful.

Die Töchter von Fatama Uahanga

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The 35-year-old mother can see again and has been able to look at her two daughters after a long time.

Fatama Bakari Ushanga is a unique story. But connected with him is also that of the two girls. Her mother can take better care of her now than she could a few weeks ago.

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