The current strong winds on the Maji Moto plateau are causing breathing problems for many people. Asthma is often the cause. Patients can breathe again at the Rhein-Valley Hospital Healthcenter.

This woman is one of many patients who suffer from severe breathing problems. They feel dull because they can’t breathe properly in the current cold weather. Her asthma has worsened.

At the Rhine Valley Hospital Healthcenter, the elderly woman found help and treatment tailored to her needs. Her bronchial tubes were dilated with the help of a nebulizer.

Das Vernebelungsgerät weitet die Bronchien dieser Frau.

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The treatment was also supported with a steroid infection. Anti-inflammatory agents improve lung function. Now her lungs are clear again and the woman took a deep breath when she left the day clinic.

This treatment is not available at the nearby state medical facility.

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