Even in times of corona pandamia, the team at Rhine Valley Hospital has to deal with other problems. In mid-May, a report from everyday hospital operations reached the Board in Switzerland.

It had been raining heavily. Consequently, there were floods that caused great damage. They destroyed property and food. Because of the arduous conditions, many mothers managed to arrive late for checkups with their babies.

Some of the babies and toddlers suffered from flu-like symptoms. This is not surprising. There is a lack of warm clothing, socks and appropriate footwear.

As on every Thursday, the children were examined and weighed. Some of them received the due vaccination dose. It is not easy to comply with the required spacing rules. But all employees and staff are concerned about protecting themselves and patients. Wearing protective masks is therefore a matter of course.

Diabetes diseases are on the rise. Treating them with medication is an important measure. In addition, the medical staff also imforms the affected patients on how to behave properly. They learn how to stabilize blood glucose levels at home.

In addition to treating patients, the staff also takes care of administrative tasks. For example, the annual inventory will soon be carried out. To do this, the inventory of food in the kitchen is compared with the accounting. The medical staff checks the medication stock and monitors the expiration dates of the medications. It records the inventory so that it can be entered into the computer.