At the beginning of January, the team at the infirmary launched its first health care campaign for mother and child. Women receive support and the babies’ development is monitored.

Every mother wants her baby to grow up healthy and develop in an age-appropriate way. Unfortunately, not every mother is aware of the contribution she can make to this, especially if basic medical care is not guaranteed.

Eine Mutter bringt ihr Baby zur Vorsorge.

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The people in Shimba Hills had to cope on their own for too long. There was no basic health care and therefore no point of contact for preventive care and advice.

This is now changing with the Rhein-Valley Hospital Healthcenter. At the beginning of January, clinic manager Violet Maghanga launched a series of screenings for women aged 15 to 45 for the first time. Some mothers brought their babies with them for a check-up.

In the picture, Violet Maghanga places the small child on a scale and gives the mother tips on what she should pay attention to and observe.

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