To ensure the maintenance of the hospital in Kenya, Stephan Holderegger launched the Hochhinaus project in 2004.

Every meter of altitude counts!

The goal of the Kilimanjaro Expedition Hochhinaus is to raise funds to finance the Rhine Valley Hospital.

Under the motto “Every meter of altitude counts”, companies of all kinds and private individuals can participate as “altitude meter sponsors” in this humanitarian summit climb. Each participant bears the costs of the expedition itself. Thus, every franc benefits Rhein-Valley Hospital.


The fact that Holderegger, a lung transplant, climbs Kilimanjaro is sensational enough. Nevertheless, the 65-year-old – together with committed sponsors – keeps organizing crazy activities on the summit of Africa’s highest mountain. These include: Beach volleyball, dulcimer game, cheese tasting, wrestling matches and football games on artificial grass.





High up 2005High up 2005

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Nicolas Senn & Amanda Ammann taste Appenzeller cheeseNicolas Senn & Amanda Ammann – Appenzeller cheese

h6Flyer e-bike test in Nakuru,
Heimgartner sponsor flag on Kilimanjaro, 5895 m.a.s.l.
Heimgartner sponsor flag on Kilimanjaro 2011