In the past year, Hilfswerk GL Zurich again made a generous donation of 25,000 Swiss francs to the Rhein-Valley Hospital Association. This wonderful amount contributes greatly to providing medical care to the desperately poor people of Kasambara-Gilgil. Thank you very much!

The relief organization of the spiritual Christian community GL Zurich, founded in 1948, supports targeted projects in the poorest regions of the world. In doing so, it especially selects those who are committed to helping children and people in need, whom no one else cares about.

All supported projects have in common that they are personally supervised and controlled by committed founders or their successors, that the local population is involved in the sense of help for self-help and that the living conditions of the affected people are sustainably improved.

The aid organization GL Zurich also attaches great importance to the fact that every, or almost every, franc donated is actually used for those in need, because that is how it keeps itself.

The aid organization GL Zurich says it is impressed by the work of Ruth Schäfer and the Rhein-Valley Hospital, which provides basic medical care for the 50,000 bitterly poor people in the Kasambara-Gilgil mountain region and carries out up to 20,000 treatments a year.

Since 2012, Hilfswerk GL Zurich has therefore donated a total of 105,000 Swiss francs to the Rhein-Valley Hospital Association and intends to continue providing substantial support for its activities in the future.