Nahashon Mwangi works with Mama Matata (hospital director Ruth Schäfer) in the Rhein-Valley Hospital office. Again and again, he observes that some patients are to be discharged too soon after treatment. Fortunately, Mama Matata then steps in and provides the important follow-up care, he says.

It was on February 10, 2018. Nahashon Mwangi recalls that a 43-year-old patient from Kasambara village asked for help at Rhine Valley Hospital. Symon Kamau had a terrible burn on his right leg. Almost the entire lower leg was burned in an accident from a motorcycle exhaust. Doctor Benson Sagati treated the inflamed wound. Fortunately, the right medications and antiseptic dressing compresses were in the hospital store

After a week, Symon Kamau was noticeably better. The inflammation of the wound had subsided and the leg was healing. This was only possible because Mama Matata intervened and did not allow Symon Kamau to be released too soon. The risk of infection by pathogens at home would have been too great.

Although Mama Matata has to explain the same rules to the hospital staff over and over again, her efforts are worthwhile. In fact, it also gives physicians the unequivocal mandate to educate the public. If the community members are better informed, they know the rules of conduct and what to do in case of illness or accident. Rhein-Valley Hospital is available to provide advice and assistance in all cases. It is always better not to stay at home in case of illness, but to visit Rhine Valley Hospital. The team treats their patients and monitors their recovery.

This is because most patients are poor and cannot afford to be treated in other hospitals. The fact that everyone is treated and cared for at Rhine Valley Hospital is contrary to what people otherwise experience with medical care. It’s worth explaining that over and over again.