Covid-19 is bringing a lot of negative impacts to non-governmental organization (NGO) facilities throughout Kenya. The pandemic has not yet reached its peak. Fear is now circulating in the villages.

The Nakuru district is particularly affected. Some facilities had to be closed during the pandemic. They lacked support and cooperation with other institutions. Those health care companies that can count on benefactors can count themselves lucky. They are able to help disadvantaged people in society. This includes Rhine Valley Hospital. Its Board of Directors secures the financial foundations of the hospital from Switzerland.

Health experts in the country are concerned about the spread of coronavirus. They see the reasons in the fact that many people now have no or only massively limited access to sanitary facilities and health services. The fear is becoming more and more widespread that the virus will soon spread in the villages.

People there live in large families and in small houses. Keeping your distance is simply not possible. Moreover, if more and more health care facilities are closed, sick people will be left without medical care. The uncontrolled spread of the virus seems certain.