In November, the financial situation of Rhein-Valley Hospital caused us so much concern that we turned to our many loyal benefactors. The letter and a newspaper report triggered not only consternation but also a gratifyingly large willingness to support the association financially. It is wonderful that the Hospital of Hope can draw e hope especially at Christmas. Many thanks to every donor and to all the organizations and groups that have placed their trust in us for the first time or repeatedly.

If he could already speak, five-month-old Daniel Kamau would certainly say thank you. On the arm of his mother Gladis, he looks at Mama Matata greedily and carefree. He does not yet know that his mother will have to take care of him alone. Because his father has disappeared, no one knows where he is.

Daniel’s fate is just one of many that Mama Matata encounters every day. Thanks to the great and wonderful support we have received in recent weeks, concerns about the continued existence of Rhein-Valley Hospital have once again faded into the background for the time being.

This is a true Christmas gift for the poorest of the poor in Kenya. In her name, Mama Matata (Ruth Schäfer) sends Christmas greetings from Kenya to Switzerland and to all the countries in this world where people are connected to us and to Rhein-Valley Hospital.

The Board of Rhein-Valley Hospital in Switzerland and Mama Matata in Kenya wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!