Currently, a large water reservoir is being built on the grounds of the Maji Moto school in Shimba Hills. It is designed to ensure that clean water is available to children year-round. It is used as food, for washing and for irrigation.

As soon as it rains, it is no problem to fill up the water tanks at the school with drinking water. But the intervals between the rainy periods are getting longer and longer and more and more unpredictable.

Das Bauwasser wird später durch sauberes Trinkwasser ersetzt.

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However, no human being can do without drinking water. This makes it all the more important to ensure supply. The partner associations Rhein-Valley Hospital and Schilling for Shilling are now a step closer to achieving this goal. They build a water reservoir.

Once completed and flooded, it will make an important contribution to the livelihood of the entire community – and not just for the Maji Moto School and the Rhine Valley Hospital Health Center.

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