In October 2022, the board of Rhein-Valley Hospital had traveled to Kenya and inaugurated the infirmary at Majo Moto School. Currently, an Austrian delegation is visiting the project. Eddie Kroll, president of the Shilling for Shilling Association, is also on hand.

Eddie Kroll, President of the Shilling for Shilling Association, is also on site.From Kenya reach us this day pictures that express immense joy. Eddie Kroll visits Maji Moto school with a delegation of twenty. The group experienced a warm welcome from the children, youth, teachers, and Kerstin and Levi Amudala (project leaders).

Ein Besuch im Januar 2023

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Eddie Kroll und Levi Amudala.

This joy shows that it is still not a matter of course for the population that the children and young people in Shimba Hills attend a school and receive a foundation for their future life there.

Preparations are also currently underway to fill the “Rhein-Valley Hospital Healthcenter” building with life. After seeing the infirmary for the first time, Eddie Kroll wrote, “Congratulations on your clinic. Looks really great.”

During January, our president Erich Kühnis will join the group. He then gets a picture of how the project is developing and exchanges ideas with the president of the partner association.

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