As is required every October, Rhine Valley Hospital was required to pay its license fees on time in the fall of 2017. If the money is not received on time, a penalty of 50 percent would be due and added to the license fee.

However, the amount owed cannot be deposited at a bank as is customary in Switzerland. The money has to be brought by messenger to Nairobi, about 200 km away. Covering the distance is already associated with great danger in normal conditions.

In the run-up to the presidential elections, which will be held for the second time in a few weeks, the chaos on the road is incomparably greater than usual. But because the authorities in Nairobi disregard the fact that the road is very dangerous and still insist on the timely payment of the license fees, hospital director Ruth Schäfer had to send hospital secretary Philis Wangari Mwangi to Nairobi. He got a taste of the troubled situation, but fortunately was able to complete his mission and return to Rhine Valley Hospital in one piece. Until the license fees are due again in one year.