Life is beautiful – but not always easy

Presentation by Stephan Holderegger
Being happy with great suffering – how do I build mental strength?

Born in 1947, Stephan Holderegger has suffered from cystic fibrosis since birth. This is a chronic, progressive disease that cannot be cured. His condition worsened so much that in 1999 he had to have both lungs transplanted. Today, at almost 70 years old, he is the only person in the world with cystic fibrosis who has survived such a long period with a donor lung. Before his lung transplant, he makes a promise: “If I survive this, I will build a hospital in Africa.” And he has kept his promise. Since then, he has been very passionate about this hospital.

Tuesday, September 20 7:30 pm
Kinotheater Madlen, Heerbrugg, admission is free
These 4 main points give him strength:

– Acceptance of the disease (having a positive attitude despite everything)
– Communication betw. Physician and patient (it must “harmonize”/function
– Patient’s environment must be right (friends, family)
– Distraction is important (doing something meaningful) After the presentation, we look forward to the documentary film: “The promise – the long breath of Stephan Holderegger” The film shows how Stephan has implemented the promise.
and pushes himself to his physical limits to keep the hospital running for almost 15 years.

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