The initiators of the Advent Café in Altstätten, Eveline Alder and Ursula Schelling, look back on the successful project with great pleasure. The café was open in the small hall of the Protestant church for a total of twelve days. Thanks to the help of 47 volunteers, visitors were treated to fine cakes, delicious soups and much more.


The proceeds from the Advent Café were donated to two projects, Rhein Valley Hospital in Kenya and Jan Rogala (Ukraine). Marcel Ammann (Jan Rogala) and Eveline Alder (member of the board of the Rhine Valley Hospital Association and co-initiator of the Advent Café, right) accepted the donation of 2,300 Swiss francs each on behalf of the two aid organizations.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to Eveline Alder and Ursula Schelling for their commitment in the service of a good cause. We are very pleased to have been so generous in the distribution of the proceeds.