I have been visiting Ruth Schäfer for almost a month! With great excitement, we drove to the hospital my first week! As a nursing professional, I was doubly excited to see what was in store for me! It is absolutely incredible what I got to see! I am fascinated and overwhelmed by the hospital and how it is organized! Also today the waiting room was full; mainly with women and small children and a few men. Hospitalized were 3 patients and a woman in childbed with her newborn child! Even though there is a lot to do, the doctor takes a moment to show me around! Again I stand there with my mouth open. For me and my expectations of how things could be in an African hospital, I am very pleasantly surprised! Each client receives a card with a number. With this number the medical records are sorted and filed. With the medical history, the clients are expected by the doctor in the different treatment rooms. The treatment rooms are well structured and clean!

The pharmacy pays close attention to how many medications are dispensed and does not have a single medication that has expired! The laboratory also has a high standard! I am very surprised what high hygienic standard is to be found before. But not only in the hospital, but also all around it looks very neat! The lawn is cut by hand and the garden has no weeds! In the course of the visits to the hospital, I then also notice with what discipline Ruth has created this high standard and how much patience and explanations are always necessary! I am very happy to get a glimpse into the (hospital) life of Kenya and I am excited to see what else I can experience! One thing is already clear, what Ruth and the whole association, especially Stephan, achieve is superhuman!

-Corinne Jeker