It took many years until the two containers with relief supplies for our Rhine Valley Hospital could make their way from the Rhine Valley to Kenya. Now it is soon done, the borders of the country he crossed this week. Now the relief supplies still have to reach their final destination, our hospital.

The willingness of the Rhine Valley population to help is immense. Again and again we are offered donations in kind for the people in Kenya. But unfortunately it is almost impossible to import relief supplies – be it clothes, medicines or medical equipment – to Kenya. The expense of transportation and customs fees quickly exceed the benefit.

For many years, we were allowed to use bandages, surgical instruments, equipment, sheets and more FC Rebstein without paying a single centime in rent. When in spring 2013 the When Peter Shehe, a dual citizen who has lived in Switzerland for 22 years, was elected head of the Ganze district on the Kenyan coast, an opportunity arose for us. He offered to solve the problem for us.

We – the associations Rhein-Valley Hospital and Verein Pro Ganze – teamed up and we sent the container on its way. This week we were able to learn via the Facebook page of Pro Ganze, the container has cleared the hurdles of customs. The photos were also published there. The first goods reached their destination in Ganze.

Now we hope that very soon, our Ruth Schäfer will receive the goods that are destined for the people of Kasambara-Gilgil – for the Rhine Valley Hospital.