The company Rossmax Swiss GmbH is located in Berneck. At the end of February, it moved its registered office to Widnauerstrasse in Heerbrugg. On this occasion, the company donated medical equipment worth about 3000 Swiss francs to the Rhine-Valley Hospital Association.

“We regularly support medical organizations and associations,” said Jürg Frei (CEO Rossmax Swiss GmbH). This time Rossmax considered the association Rhein-Valley Hospital based in Altstätten. He runs a hospital in Kenya with an outpatient clinic and a ward.

Jürg Frei (CEO Rossmax Swiss GmbH) explains to Monika von der Linden (Board of Directors Rhein-Valley Hospital Association) the function of the donated small medical devices. (Photos: Kurt Latzer)

The small medical devices will provide valuable services to the hospital staff and thus to the patients. For example, people suffering from asthma can get relief from the donated inhalers. The donated blood urine meters are of high quality and clinically validated. They comply with the British and European High Pressure League standard.

The company Rossmax Swiss GmbH operates worldwide, produces and sells medical equipment.

We thank the company Rossmax Swiss GmbH for the generous donation.