Edith and Hugo Lins have transferred the wonderful amount of 2500 francs to the Rhine-Valley Hospital. This extremely generous donation was generated by the couple from Schellenberg at the Christmas market in their home town. Many hours of work both put into the production of carvings and knitwear and immediately sold the goods themselves.

Edith and Hugo Lins have been associated with Rhine Valley Hospital for many years. Again and again they come up with actions and even carry them out themselves.

“We want to donate all the proceeds to Rhein-Valley Hospital,” the Liechtenstein couple wrote in a letter to the association.


That Hugo Lins carves for Rhine Valley Hospital is unmistakable.

For their tireless efforts and generous support, we say thank you to the Principality of Liechtenstein. The contribution is as always very welcome to us and the people in Kenya, especially in the current financially strained situation.