The Rhine Valley Hospital Association was founded almost 25 years ago. Since the beginning, Erich Kühnis has presided over it as president. He is the only active founding member. The board was always successful in recruiting new volunteers. The newest members are also the youngest: They are Michi Vogt and Gereon von der Linden.

Präsident Erich Kühnis (von links), Vizepräsident Benjamin Pipa, Eveline Alder, Monika von der Linden Susanne Ganz, Michi Vogt und Gereon von der Linden (vorne).

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The two men have strengthened the team since the beginning of 2023 and complement it excellently with their know-how. Gereon von der Linden is responsible for graphics and website, Michi Vogt for new media.

Further members of the board are Vice President Benjamin Pipa, Eveline Alder (Finance), Monika von der Linden (Press) and Susanne Ganz (Administration).

Learn more about each individual board member. Here they all introduce themselves individually.

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