An eventful year comes to an end. A year in which we were able to achieve a great deal. It fills us with gratitude and joy to be able to give the people in Shimba Hills hope and a perspective.

A new campaign starts on January 2. For the first time, the team at the infirmary is carrying out a series screening of women aged 15 to 45. The aim is to detect and prevent gynecological diseases.

Violet Maghanga says: “We have two types of screening here – the use of vinegar and iodine and the PAP smear. The first option is more affordable and easier to use, and this is the one we have chosen.”

The treatment usually has to be carried out in a larger hospital. “If we receive positive or suspicious cases, we refer the patients to the gynecology department.”

Violet Maghanga has already received initial reactions to the planned screening from women who have contacted her about family planning. “They are very happy about it,” says the hospital director.

Thank you very much for your trust and appreciation

Our thanks go to you, dear donors. You place your trust and appreciation in us. With every franc or euro you contribute to the development and stability of our project.

We would like to thank our President Erich Kühnis. It is thanks to his prudence and level-headedness as well as his tireless efforts that we are able to recognize the needs of local people and align our strategy accordingly.

Eddie Kroll und Erich Kühnis: Zwei Präsidenten, ein Ziel.

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We would like to thank our partner association Schilling for Shilling with Eddie Kroll as its president for the pleasant cooperation.

We would like to thank our four department heads in Shimba Hills:

  • As head of the Rhine Valley Hospital Health Center, Violet Maghanga is setting up the medical part of the project.
  • Kerstin Geyer takes care of the administrative tasks relating to the Maji Moto school run by the Schilling für Shilling association and does the bookkeeping for the chicken farm.
  • Antony Mwaura sets up and runs the project and organizes the operation of the chicken farm.
  • Ali Tambwe, principal of Maji Moto, runs the school.

We are constantly working to improve the area’s infrastructure and thus contribute to a higher quality of life for local people. Investing in education and health gives children and young people prospects and hope.

The Executive Board wishes you a good start to 2024. We promise you, our commitment is solely to ensure that every franc donated reaches the right people.

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