10`000 Swiss francs for the Rhine-Valley Hospital. This is the gratifying result obtained at a seminar held by the REHAstudy educational center. Physiotherapists trained there on the subject of lungs and dealt with Stephan Holderegger’s medical history – and donated.

“The promise – the long breath of Stephan Holderegger” is the title of the documentary film about the initiator of Rhein-Valley Hospital. The film was viewed by around 25 seminar participants on Saturday, December 17, in Bad Zurzach. This is because Stephan Holderegger, who made a guest appearance, is incurably ill with cystic fibrosis and has been living with a transplanted lung since 1999.

During the production of the documentary, filmmaker Lawrence Carls experienced firsthand how much Stephan Holderegger suffers from his health limitations, yet never gives up and continues to work tirelessly on behalf of Rhine Valley Hospital. Carls reported on his experiences to Dieter Vollmer, a friend from Constance, who then attended the premiere of the film in September 2014 in Marbach in the Rhine Valley of St. Gallen.

Under the impression of the film Dieter Vollmer initiated the seminar under the sponsorship of the educational center REHAstudy with the film and its protagonist. Because Vollmer is interested not only in the medical side of Holderegger’s story, but also in the background and the result of his pledge – the Rhine Valley Hospital – he sought and found comrades-in-arms to turn the seminar into a fundraising seminar to benefit the hospital.

The donations collected during the seminar on Saturday were rounded up to 10`000 Swiss Francs by the foundation Bildungszentrum REHAstudy and on the same day they handed over a check to Stephan Holderegger.

Thank you very much!

10,000 Swiss francs for the Rhein-Valley Hospital: Rainer Blaser (Director of the REHAstudy Foundation Board, from left), Stephan Holderegger (Initiator Rhein-Valley Hospital, Dieter Vollmer (Initiator Donation Seminar) and Susanne Schubiger (Overall Director REHAstudy).

The non-profit “Stiftung Gesundheitsförderung Bad Zurzach + Baden” (Bad Zurzach + Baden Health Promotion Foundation) is committed to the comprehensive field of health promotion, which is challenging in many ways. The activities of the Foundation, the Foundation’s own operations and subsidiaries, cover a wide range of services.

REHAstudy is a further education center in Switzerland in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation medicine and is also internationally recognized as a further education institution. Every year, more than 140 training courses take place and around 1800 participants are inspired by the professional impulses during approximately 600 training days.

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