The refugee camp during the unrest in 2008.

Refugee camp

Following the politically disputed elections in December 2008, tribal feuds broke out in northwestern Kenya between the five tribes of Luo, Luia, Karaghi, Kukuij and Nandi. 500,000 people became refugees in their own country, so-called IDPs (internally displaced people). In the process, more than 1100 people were killed – mainly Kukuij. The buffer zone was located in Nakuru Town. A refugee camp was set up on the hospital grounds, which was run by Ruth Schäfer (Mama Matata) from January to December 2008 and was able to accommodate about 750 people. The exiles were provided with food and medicine on a daily basis. 30,000 kilograms of food were distributed per month. Food supplies were provided for the first three months by the UN’s World Food Program. In the remaining n months, the camp was financed from its own resources – i.e. private donations. One notable donor was Hennie Jacobs from Arnhem in the Netherlands. Stephan Holderegger worked hard to bring the humanitarian emergency around the hospital and the refugee camp to the public’s attention. Regional and national media in Switzerland provided comprehensive and detailed information about the assistance provided. As a result, more than 250,000 Swiss francs in donations were collected.

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