The second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic has reached Kenya. Infections have already been detected in the area of Kasambara-Gilgil municipality. To ensure that people still have access to clean drinking water during the dry season, even more care is needed at the hospital than before.
From the first moment the coronavirus began to spread in Kenya, health facilities in the country took protective measures. The team at Rhine Valley Hospital also imposed strict rules on its employees and patients. The virus is very demanding on people. Despite all precautions, the highly contagious virus spreads unceasingly.

Coronavirus has spread widely, so that today no place can be called safe from the virus. Corona infections have also been detected in the community in the Rhine Valley Hospital area. In one case, the disease Covid-19 broke out. The affected patient underwent treatment and is staying in his home.

This development prompted the team at Rhine Valley Hospital to tighten protective measures. They apply to the community and those people who enter the area of the hospital, for example, to receive medication.

Currently, Kenya is receiving minimal amounts of rainfall. It is the dry season. People are thirsty. Rhein-Valley Hospital also provides clean drinking water to the population during the difficult time of the pandemic. The fountain is located on the hospital property. Consequently, any community member who wants to fetch drinking water must put on a mask.
To ensure that the required distance is maintained at all times, a security guard makes sure that not too many people enter the hospital railing at the same time and that everyone wears a mask. The others are waiting outside the gate to be admitted.