Receiving recognition is not an everyday occurrence for most people in Kenya. The team at Rhine Valley Hospital was all the more delighted these days when the government published an inspection report. The hospital staff expressed their appreciation to Ruth Schäfer – Mama Matata – with a gift.

The Kenyan government’s Ministry of Health and the Health Professionals Oversight Authority (KHPOA) had conducted an inspection among health facilities between February and August 2019. The occasion was to make a categorization. This was based on the services offered, the health infrastructure and compliance with the minimum standards for health personnel regulated by law.

To their letter, the Department attached a list of those facilities that do not meet this minimum standard for licensure. There are about 800. The Ministry of Health ordered the closure of these facilities. These may request an erte review from the relevant supervisory authorities.

Those health facilities that do not appear on the list are asked by the Department to continue to promote health in their region. This includes the Rhine Valley Hospita.

“What a blessed day.we are proud of you. For a year now
I am here and can testify to you,
That you are a good mother, mentor and leader.”

This is an excerpt of the words of thanks from hospital employees that reached the Board of Directors in Switzerland these days. Attached were also photos of a celebration at the hospital. The employees presented Ruth Schäfer – Mama Matata – with a drawn portrait.

“Hello, my friend. In such situations I lack the right words in English. The gifts touched my heart and it overflowed with joy. The picture will get a place of honor in my house so that I will always be reminded of this joyful day. It is really nice to have such a big family. I hope we can spend many more years together and work together with this team spirit. I am very happy to have your support. Thank you again, Mama Matata,” writes Ruth Schäfer.