New chairs and tables for Thugunui School.

Thugunui School Project

Education is just as important as medical care as a perspective for the future. In cooperation with the Swiss aid organization Kids to kids, Rhein-Valley Hospital was able to equip the elementary school in Thugunui with school furniture.

The students in the poverty-stricken farming village of Thugunui are able to attend classes on a regular basis. Until recently, however, the school furniture consisted of wooden benches made by the students themselves.


In order to obtain suitable equipment for the classrooms, the Rhine Valley Hospital Association found a partner in the aid organization Kids to kids. The foundation initiated by Heinz Heer organized about 100 tables and 200 chairs. Children for children: Swiss schoolchildren collect to help children in poverty.

When the container with the en school furniture arrived in Thugunui, young and old from all over the region came to be present at this rare event. After everyone had lent a hand, a spontaneous and cheerful village fete was celebrated out of sheer joy at the e achievement.

Great thanksgiving of Thuguni School
Great thanksgiving of Thuguni School
New chairs for the classroom
Classroom before
Classroom after