Water project
Controlled water delivery                         Generator room
Water pump                                                  2000 liters water tank


Eddie Kroll

January 6, 2006 – a day that would change Eddie Kroll’s life forever. That morning, the master painter, artist and writer and three of his friends narrowly escaped drowning. This dramatic boat accident and the gratitude for his rescue prompted him to build an en drinking water well with appropriate filtration systems in the bitterly poor Kasambara-Gilgil. There, people – especially women and children – had to walk up to five hours a day to get to a water point. Previously, the existing well had burst and people fetched their water from the animal trough. Chollera and Thypus spread out. They were able to get treatment at the hospital, where they were also able to get clean water.

Eddie Kroll had the idea of launching a redemption campaign for Austrian shillings. The name  Schiling for Shilling is based on the  same name of two currencies. This collection campaign was crowned with great success. For example, a charity event was held at the Linz Casino with well-known artists and athletes such as Toni Polster and Ivica Vastic.

The cooperation between Rhine Valley Hospital and Shilling for Shilling made it possible for the donated funds to be used in a targeted and efficient manner. Under the leadership of Ruth Schäfer, the construction of the fountain went smoothly. Since the inauguration in November 2007, 25 liters per person are dispensed daily in a controlled manner.


Complete photo documentation on the waterworks by Eddie Kroll