The Rhein-Valley Hospital Association has its registered office in Altstätten. The population in the Städtli and the region had followed and supported the work of the board for many years. At the May market there was an opportunity to learn news about the school and infirmary.

It was the first time since the board had had to close the hospital in Kasambara-Gilgil that it had presented itself in public again. The occasion in Altstätten was ideally suited to tell how the association has developed. The Board of Management met with many members and passers-by at the Maimarkt, which was pleasantly well frequented.

Especially the children had fun. They were allowed to have a colorful balloon tied to their wrist. Other boys and girls spun the wheel of fortune for a chance to choose a bracelet or necklace.

Impressionen vom Maimarkt in Altstätten

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This was even more beautiful because the children from the school Maji Moto, had made the beaded necklaces. They knew they would be stringing them for the May market in faraway Switzerland. From his last trip to Kenya, President Erich Kühnis had brought them back to Altstätten.

The Board of Directors was able to have many stimulating conversations – talking about recent achievements and further goals. On behalf of the children of the Maji Moto school and the local project management, he would like to thank them for the interest shown and the trust placed in them. Thank you also for every centime and franc donated.

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