With her “Liseli” (Landrover), which Ruth Schäfer had previously repaired with her own hands in her home, we drove up to the hospital in the mountains of Kasambara-Gilgil eagerly and with mixed feelings.

 Already on the adventurous way up the mountain the locals waved joyfully to Mama Matata and at the gate we were welcomed with a beaming smile by a security man.

A first tour of the outpatient clinic and the hospital, guided by the competent nurse Felix, confirmed the impression of this cordiality and a healthy climate in the hospital.

We encountered most of the staff, who seemed genuinely pleased with our visit. The modest but functional facilities and cleanliness of the entire clinic were impressive. The waiting patients at the day clinic were patient and seemed aware of what awaited them. The possibility of a doctor’s consultation was actively used on this day and the procedures seemed to be smoothly rehearsed.

After this first, thoroughly positive impression, the just-finished uniforms for the staff were unloaded. Together with the hospital secretary Mister Willi, we both sorted them by size and function. Elisabeth from the secretariat was the first to proudly present the e model. The Staff will be happy to receive these en work clothes with the RVH logo printed on them in the next few days!

Suddenly, an excitement seemed to spread among the employees around us. The entire staff gathered outside the main entrance and ordered Ruth into their midst. Mister Willi presented the surprised Ruth Schäfer with a gift on behalf of the entire staff and thanked the director for her competent and prudent leadership of the staff and the hospital. In the company of her co-workers, Ruth opened the gift to reveal a local handbag. In an enclosed card, they expressed their respect and gratitude to Mama Matata. This great surprise impressively showed the great appreciation for her boss and is a gratifying confirmation for Ruth that she is going the right way with her tireless commitment to the RVH.

Nakuru, September 2012

Gabi Senn and Claudia Callegher Gabi Senn and Claudia Callegher as Volontaires at the RVH: Claudia Callegher is completing a two-week internship at the RVH in connection with educational leave in her teaching profession. Her sister Gabi Senn accompanies her, having already visited the RVH in 2007 and 2008.