The Rhein-Valley Hospital Association is based in Altstätten in the St.Gallen Rhine Valley. There, on Thursday, May 4, (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) the Maimarkt, one of the four big markets of the year, will take place. We are very pleased to be represented there with an information booth.

Since we opened the infirmary at the Majo school in October, a lot has happened. Together with our partner association Shilling for Shilling and Kerstin and Levi Amudala, we have taken further steps to obtain the operating permit from the Kenyan Ministry of Health as soon as possible.

Präsent am Maimarkt

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In order to be able to personally inform you, dear donors, as well as the population of the Rhine Valley about our progress and goals, we will be present with a booth at the May Market in Altstätten.

You will find us in the Marktgasse – in the middle of the Städtli. We look forward to your valued visit.

Unseren Stand finden Sie in der Marktgasse in Altstätten.

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