Switzerland is once again experiencing a cold winter. In the Rhine Valley, temperatures are currently not rising above freezing. At night, the thermometer drops almost into the double-digit minus range. Snowy mountains and black ice on the sidewalks may make us forget that it is very hot in Kenya right now. In Kasambara-Gilgil it is currently 30 degrees in the shade.

Our pictures show what a burden it can be to get water in these temperatures. Because it is by no means a matter of course that clean drinking water is available to the population. Dysentery has broken out in the area surrounding Rhine Valley Hospital because people have been drinking unclean water.

Bacterial inflammation of the colon causes diarrhea and often forms a basis for parasites or viruses. Those who contract dysentery may later suffer from inflammation of the eyes, joints or urethra.


In this drought, it is therefore a blessing for the people that they can obtain clean drinking water from the well of the Rhine Valley Hospital. The offer is actively used. Women in particular come with large jerry cans to carry their ration of drinking water to the family.

For some, a donkey serves as a load carrier.