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Eddie Kroll

eddiekrollJanuary 6, 2006 - a day that changed Eddie Kroll's life forever. That morning the painter, artist and writer, as well as three of his friends, almost drowned. A dramatic boating accident and the gratitude for his rescue inspired him to build a new drinking water well in Kasambara-Gilgil. People there, especially women and children, had to walk five hours daily to reach water. Prior to that, their own well had burst and everyone was forced to get their water out of animal water tanks. Cholera and thypus spread. People were able to get themselves threated, as well as get clean water, at the hospital.
Eddie Kroll had the idea to organize a recall for Austrian Schillings. The term Schilling for Shilling is based on the same name of two different currencies.


This collection endeavor was a great success. For instance, a benefit event at the casino in Linz was attended by various famous artists and athletes, such as Toni Polster and Ivica Vastic.

The cooperation between the Rhine-Valley Hospital and Schilling for Shilling makes it possible for donations to be used effectively and efficiently. Under the leadership of Ruth Schaefer the construction of the well went flawlessly. Since its inception in November 2007 the well has been providing 25 liters per person dail.


Complete photo documentation of the water project from Eddie Kroll
  • Die Bohrung beginnt
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  • Das Brunnenhaus
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  • Der Wassertank
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  • Das Wasser fliesst
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  • Die Fertigstellung
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  • Abnahme Brunnenhaus
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  • Die Einweihung des Brunnen
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  • Vielen Dank Eddie Kroll
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  • Impressionen rund um den neuen Brunnen
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