The Refugee Camp during the 2008 Unrest


The Refugee Camp during the 2008 Unrest

The politically heated elections in December 2008 caused tribal conflicts in Northwest Kenia between the five tribes Luo, Luia, Karaghi, Kukuij and Nandi. That made 500,000 people into refugees within their own country, so called IDPs (Internally Displaced People). And it cost 1100 people their lives - primarily Kukuij. The buffer zone was Nakuru Town.

A refugee camp was erected on the hospital grounds, which between January through December 2008 was led by Ruth Schaefer (Mama Matata) and was able to take in approximately 750 people. The refugees were taken care of daily with food and medicine. Every month 30,000 kilos of food was distributed. During the first three months the World Food Program of the UN delivered the food. During the remaining nine months the camp was financed entirely by private donations. One such donor was Hennie Jacobs from Arnheim, Netherlands. Stephan Holderegger worked hard to educate the public about the emergency situation at the hospital. Regional and national media in Switzerland thoroughly informed about the support, which led to over CHF 250,000 in donations.



Complete Photo Documentation of the Refugee Camp
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