Rhine Valley Hospital remains active in Kenya. After being involved in Kasambara-Gilgil for almost twenty years, the Altstätten-based association entered into a new partnership in 2021. He supports the association Shilling for Shilling with the school project Maji Moto.

The history of the Rhein-Valley Hospital began in June 2000 with the founding of the association of the same name based in Altstätten in the St.Gallen Rhine Valley. The association set itself the goal of improving the catastrophic hygienic conditions and inadequate medical care in Kenya.

The first project was in the Kasambara Gilgil region near the major city of Nakuru in Kenya. After three years of construction, the Rhein-Valley Hospital’s outpatient clinic opened on May 1, 2004, and a ward and maternity unit opened in September 2005. In addition, well projects were implemented in the region. After about 15 years, the situation on the ground changed that the need for primary health care was no longer necessary due to our involvement.

Thus, the way was open for the Rhine Valley Hospital Association to look for new projects and collaborations. Together with the Austrian association “Shilling for Shilling”, the board had already realized a well project in Kenya in 2007.

The collaboration with “Shilling for Shilling” was resumed in the summer of 2021, complementing Rhine Valley Hospital’s commitment. For example, we are now also focusing on health issues and education. Education is the key to fighting poverty.


We look forward to your support in the fight against poverty in Kenya.

Yours sincerely, on behalf of the entire Board of Directors

Erich Kühnis