During their working visit to the project in Kenya in mid-May, President Erich Kühnis (Rhein-Valley Hospital) and President Eddie Kroll (Shilling for Shilling) also visited the children and young people. They are at the center of the project. Consequently, all decisions are based on their needs.

The two club representatives from Switzerland and Austria can best find out what the needs of children and young people actually are through direct contact. So, for one day, they participated in the daily life of the students and observed the lessons.

Präsident Erich Kühnis besucht die Schuzle Maji Moto.

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The mood in the classroom was relaxed, but also characterized by respect and gratitude.

Students appreciate that each lesson they attend gives them a better foundation for their future. The more education they receive, the better they are able to live their lives independently.

Erich Kühnis and Eddie Kroll are grateful that so many people support the two associations with their donations and thus the project has a chance to develop further.  They are also grateful to those responsible on site – in particular Levi and Kerstin Amudala as project leaders and Omar Makomanyi as principal.

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