It is pleasing to see how much good news we have received from Maji Moto recently. “We are doing well,” writes clinic manager Violet Maghanga. This week she treated a case of severe malaria, known as blackwater fever. With a happy ending.

The patient was so unwell that she should have been admitted to hospital. As she asked the Rhine Valley Hospital Healthcenter for help, Violet Maghanga and her team treated her.

Die Patienten hatte sehr starken Schwindel.

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The patient was excreting black urine due to acute kidney damage, her blood pressure was very low (66/44) and her pulse was high (115), she was very dizzy and could only walk with support.

Violet Maghanga gave the patient fluids and medication intravenously. She soon felt better and her blood pressure rose again to 109/67, her pulse to 79. The dizziness has gone and she can now walk on her own.

No more black urine. The acute blackwater fever is over.

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